IIJNM Entrance Test 2024-25

Dear applicant,

Please carefully read the instructions below:

1) Login using the username and password given to you.

2) You may now begin to attempt the following three tests.

Name of test Question Type Section Duration Marks
Current Affairs & General Knowledge 25 MCQ 25 minutes  25
English:Grammar 20 MCQ 20 minutes  20
English:Writing 3 Essay Answers 15 minutes  15

The MCQs carry one mark for a correct answer and a quarter negative mark for a wrong one.

The three essays are graded on 5 marks apiece.

You may attempt these tests in any order. Once you log in, you have to finish all three sections within the time slot allotted to you for each individual section. Time will not carry over between sections. 

In addition, please remember that you may attempt each section only once. If you enter any test and start your attempt, you may not exit until you have completed that test.

If you exit or complete a section you will not be allowed to return to it. So make sure you finish a section before moving on to another.

Please keep in mind that you should not press the back button of your browser at any point during these tests. You should only use the navigation buttons within the test to navigate. If you press the back button of your browser, you may lose all the answers you have entered so far.